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100 Foot Adrenaline Surge Obstacle Course

100 Foot Adrenaline Surge Obstacle Course

    • Actual Size: 100'L x 10'W x 16'H
    • Setup Area: 108'L x 14'W x 19'H
    • Outlets: 3 Separate Outlets each on their own Breaker
    • Age Group: Player Height: 42"-72" Player Weight: 40-200 lbs.
    • Attendants: Adult Supervision Required: 2

      Max Players 6 (only one player per lane at a time)

    • $699.00
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100 Foot Adrenaline Surge Obstacle Course

Race side by side!

Embark on the ultimate 100-foot inflatable adventure with our seamlessly integrated obstacle course, combining three heart-pounding challenges for an adrenaline-packed journey!

Start with the 30-Foot Inflatable Obstacle Course, designed for friendly competition. Participants navigate five exciting elements, including jump-through openings, pop-ups, log jams, squeeze walls, and crawl tubes. Continue the excitement with the 40-Foot Inflatable Obstacle Course, featuring eight elements, a 10-foot dry slide, and a formidable rock cube climbing wall. Conclude the adventure adding another 4 elements with the 30-Foot Rock Cube Climb and Slide, perfect for thrill-seekers and competitors. A crowd please total of 17 elements!

Safety is our priority; features such as a wrap-around bumper wall keep participants on track, and no-jump safety netting ensures rider comfort. With versatile usage options, including use as a three-piece standalone units or the incredible 100-foot obstacle, this is an excellent addition to backyard parties, company picnics, church festivals, and school events. Book now to elevate your event to renowned status!

Same Day Rentals: The regular listed price is 1-6 hours
Overnight Rentals: Start at 12noon to 630am the following day
Two Day Rentals: Start at 12noon to 6pm the following day (+35%)