"22 Foot Kahuna Water Slide Rentals | Cocoa, FL."


22 Foot Kahuna Double Lane Slide

22 Foot Kahuna Double Lane Slide

    • Actual Size: 38'L x 18'W x 22'H
    • Setup Area: 43'L x 22'W x 25'H
    • Outlets: 2 Separate Outlets each on their own Breaker
    • Age Group: Player Height: 48"-76" Player Weight: 55-220 lbs.
    • Attendants: Adult Supervision Required: 2

      (only one rider per lane at a time)

    • $429.00
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22 Foot Kahuna Double Lane Water Slide with Pools

An Adrenaline Pumping Drop!

Experience the thrill of the Big Kahuna theme with our Florida-inspired water slide! Take a Plunge down this exhilarating slide. Safety is paramount with 'No-Jump' netting, inflated pools, and a bumper barrier to keep riders secure. This double lane slide offers separate lanes and pools, ensuring a collision-free ride. Climb confidently using the sturdy ladder, equipped with wide stairs and top-to-bottom handles. Parents can easily supervise with the front-loading design. After the pool splash, you'll find yourself racing back to the top for another round of excitement! Lock in your reservation today and raise your event to new heights!

Same Day Rentals: The regular listed price is 1-6 hours
Overnight Rentals: Start at 12noon to 630am the following day
Two Day Rentals: Start at 12noon to 6pm the following day (+35%)