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70 Foot Adrenaline Surge Obstacle Course

70 Foot Adrenaline Surge Obstacle Course

    • Actual Size: 70'L x 10'W x 16'H
    • Setup Area: 78'L x 14'W x 19'H
    • Outlets: 2 Separate Outlets each on their own Breaker
    • Age Group: Player Height: 42"-72" Player Weight: 40-200 lbs.
    • Attendants: Adult Supervision Required: 2

      Max Players 4 (only one player per lane at a time)

    • $479.00
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70 Foot Adrenaline Surge Obstacle Course

Race side by side!

Gear up for the ultimate sportsman's showdown with our 70-Foot Inflatable Obstacle Course – a fusion of our 40-Foot Inflatable Obstacle Course and the heart-pounding 30-Foot Rock Cube Climb and Slide! Embark on an exhilarating race through this dynamic two-piece course designed for both thrill-seekers and competitors. The 40-Foot Inflatable Obstacle Course kicks off the challenge with 8 exciting elements, including a 10-foot dry slide, jump-through openings, pop-ups, log jams, and squeeze walls. Conquer the formidable rock cube climbing wall, testing your fitness as you ascend to the top and slide down to the next section filled with more tunnels and obstacles. Safety takes the lead with "No-Jump" netting at the top of the slide and bumper walls, ensuring racers stay securely inside. The rock cube wall, equipped with square steps and handles, offers a challenging yet safe climb. Ideal for backyard parties, company picnics, church festivals, and school events, our 70-Foot Obstacle Course can stand alone or be combined with other courses for an even larger challenge. Race to victory and bring the thrill of competition to your event – reserve the 70-Foot Inflatable Obstacle Course today!


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