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Backyard Games Package

Backyard Games Package

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All the Best Backyard Games!

New for 2021! We have made it easy for you in planning for everything you'll need to provide fun backyard games for your party. This package includes giant timbers, giant 4-in-a-row, and regulation cornhole. Everything you need to keep your guest entertained! The kids will like it, the adults will love it!

Giant Timbers is a strategic game of skill and grace. You start by removing one block at a time and placing the block back on top of the wooden tower, but be careful not to topple the whole thing! If you know the game you may have even may have seen it at your favorite bar. Everyone enjoys a quick game of Giant Timbers. This set grows pretty quickly and steals the spotlight at all of the events.

Giant Four-In-A-Row is a two-player game: start out by picking your color, then begin dropping each disc into this oversized game board. Each disc will fall to the lowest available slot in the selected column. The objective it to each take turns entering your colored disc into the game board until one of you gets four in a row. Either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally is a win! This game is a classic that will keep your party guest entertained for hours.

Cornhole: Each bag is regulation size 6" by 6" filled with preserved corn kernels, hence the name cornhole. Each board is 2 foot by 4 foot and has the regulation 6 inch hole, 9 inches centered from the top of the board. Begin by placing each board 27 feet apart measured from the bottom of each board. The game is played by taking turns tossing bags into the hole until the person or team wins with a score of 21. This item includes 1 set of boards and 8 toss bags. This is must have for any backyard BBQ.


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